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Therapy room to rent in Leeds perfect for acupuncture and podiatry
Therapy room to rent in Leeds perfect for physical therapies
Therapy room to rent in Leeds
Therapy room to rent in Leeds perfect for massage and physical therapy

Therapy room to rent in Leeds

What does your wellbeing business need?

horsforth-health-hubIf you are looking for a therapy room to rent in Leeds with more then we can help.

It can be difficult to find the right premises for your wellbeing business. Too many of us find ourselves simply renting a room out of a health centre, another practice or even above a hairdressers (those hairdrying fumes can really filter through) and struggling with a website, social media, advertising or just getting people to know we exist. It can feel like an uphill struggle when all we really want to do is make people feel better.

Our aim at Horsforth Health Hub

Is to provide a friendly, accessible room rental service that actively promotes your business. We really care that our practitioners feel at home at the practice and a part of our BIG MISSION.

img_0774After years building up my Osteopathic business, struggling to get new patients, fighting with making advertising work and times of wondering what I was doing wrong,  I want to help other practitioners do what they do best, by helping them out with some of the other stresses of owning a business. To that end we also provide all our practitioners:

  • Your name on our building signage
  • Space to leave leaflets, posters and business cards in the waiting area
  • A designed for you page (or more if needed) on our website
  • Online booking links to your online calendar from the Health Hub website
  • Your own health hub email address
  • Regular shout outs on social media – Facebook and Twitter
  • Access to our social media pages and the Horsforth Health Hub website so you can add blogs, update your page and talk about what you do


Check out our therapy rooms


The silver therapy room at Horsforth health hub

The Silver Room

The red therapy room at Horsforth health hub

The Red Room

Call 0113 88 00 623 for a chat or fill out the email form below and we’ll be in touch.

Do you run a health and wellbeing business and are looking for a home for your business? We would love to hear from you.